Brand-New Photography Training - From Tony Laidig...
“Discover Simple, Proven Methods to Create Perfect Product Photos that Captivate Your Customers...
and Explode Your Sales!

Presentation is EVERYTHING...It’s THAT Simple!

If you are selling ANY type of or offline...professional-looking photos mark the difference between NO sales and LOTS of sales. Think about it, we’re VISUAL people so it isn’t that hard to understand WHY GREAT photos matter so much.

The terrific news is that, with today’s evolving technology and software, the photography field has been leveled to where ANYONE can take a decent-looking photo. Those are great for ”friends and family” but not for products... UNLESS you understand a few simple methods that will elevate your product photos from decent to STELLAR!

That said, please understand WHY this matters so much! If you are selling ANY kind of physical product today, your product photos MUST look professional and engaging! There is simply TOO much competition for dollars these days to be average. “Good enough” should NOT be a part of your vocabulary! You aren't just trying to SHOW what you have for want to catch the buyer's eye. When you do, they will look past the other SAME products and buy YOURS...even if it means spending MORE!
“Gone Are the Days of Relying on Unprofessional-Looking Snapshots to Sell Your Goods!”

Let me ask you a quick you sell physical products using ANY of these platforms?:
  •  Amazon
  •  Ebay
  •  Etsy
  •  Facebook
  •  Shopify
If your answer is YES, you need professional-looking product photos. Of course, you will ALSO need great photos if you sell in retail locations, art sites, arts and crafts festivals...really ANY selling opportunity!

In other words, it doesn't matter what kind of physical product you sell (mugs, t-shirts, antiques, toys, furniture, cars, food, pigmy goats, electronics, teddy bears, books, arts & get the idea), if people need to SEE your product to make a buying decision, you need professional-looking product photos!

By now you're likely thinking...
“That Sounds Hard, Expensive and Time Consuming...”
Truth doesn't HAVE to be...IF you understand how!

As you would imagine, you CAN spend a LOT of money on camera gear, lighting, display sets and more...but it's just not necessary! YES, if you have it, use it, but there are ALSO some crazy cool methods you can use to get the PERFECT product photo WITHOUT needing to hire a pro to shoot them!

Here are a few examples of what I mean...
As you can see, each of the photos above provide CONTEXT to the product. It’s called “staging” and we do it all the time in our retail stores and antique booths. By combining contextual, staged photos with the standard “photo tent” style photos you are launching your product photography to the next level...well beyond what MOST of your competition is willing to do! And does NOT have to be hard! As a matter of fact, it can be quite fun!
Introducing the...
“Perfect Product Photos”
In “Perfect Product Photos” you will discover the BEST insider strategies to EASILY take the PERFECT product photo for your products, regardless of where you plan to sell them!

In this brand-new, beginner-friendly LIVE training series you can expect:
  • Module One:
  • Using the Photo Gear You Have Right Now to Take the Perfect Product Photo.
  • When to Upgrade Your Camera and Lenses.
  • Using Your Phone as Your Primary Camera.
  • Lighting Options That Will Not Break the Bank.
  • And Much More!
  • Module Two:
  • Staging Shots and Context-Based Photography...a Primer.
  • A Shopper’s Guide to Photo Props for Your Shots!
  • Working With Light Tents and Simple Setups.
  • Creating an Easy-to-Follow Workflow.
  • And Much More!
  • Module Three:
  • Framing Tricks to Make Your Shots Look Amazing Every Time.
  • How to Get Your Exposure Right Every Time!
  • Processing Your Photos Once You’ve Finished.
  • Experimenting With Filters and Software.
  • And Much More!
  • BONUS Module Four:
  • What to Do When You Don’t Have a Copy of Your Product to Photograph.
  • Working With 3D Mockups and Templates.
  • Making Your “Fake” Product Photos Appear Real.
  • And Much More!
  • Bonus One: PhotoPro Tutorials - Better Photos with Adobe Lightroom
In this in-depth training, Tony covers the importance of starting off with a good Photograph. From there he dives into understanding what you have to work with in your photos and how to use it to your advantage. He shares the importance of understanding how Highlight, Midtone and Shadow work, and how to use them effectively to create amazing photos. Lastly, Tony covers some of the best plugins available to further enhance your photos.
  • Bonus Two: PhotoPro Tutorials - Behind-the-Scenes Video of a Photoshoot.
In this brand-new, in-person training, Tony demonstrates, firsthand, exactly how to shoot great product photos using a light tent and other staging setups. He also shares his simple approach to lighting and the end results you can achieve based on the type of camera you chose.
Your Special, Limited-Time Offer...
Gaining access to 40 years of practical, hands-on photography and sales expertise makes this training EASILY valued at $197 or higher. And even a small boost in product sales from offering better product photos makes getting your investment back quickly an easy no-brainer. But, for a limited, introductory period of time, I want to make it as EASY as possible for you to join us for this brand-new “Perfect Product Photos” training.

For a Limited Time, you can gain access to the LIVE-TAUGHT training as well as your two bonuses for a special discounted rate of just $67! That's a real-world savings of $130 off! I can't promise how long this introductory pricing will be available, but likely for the next few days ONLY...because I want to work with those who are ready to take action!
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“Perfect Product Photos” 
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